Our cause

IREC's current cause is to ensure that our community is no longer exposed to the dangers of stray dogs in the streets. In Bucharest, there are now over 65000 stray dogs roaming the streets, the parks and all public outdoor spaces. Their faeces spread infectious and parasitic diseases and they attack in packs, biting over 16000 people in one year. 9 people were killed by stray dogs over recent years, their last victim, a 4 yearold boy having been attacked and eaten alive near a central park at noon.

IREC is thus committed to:

  • Assist and monitor the authorities' swift and correct enactment of the law passed by the autorities to make our streets clean of stray dogs in 18 months.
  • Communicate a correct and truthful account of this situation to international media outlets that have been presented with falsifed accounts of this law as promoting animal cruelty
  • Inform and mobilize citizens to assist authorities in the effort to take the stray dogs off the streets.

If you wish to become a responsible citizen you can get involved right now and make your community healthier and safer:

  • Identify the problems in your community
  • Notify the autorities about your concern
  • Get support from others who share your concerns
  • Monitor the Authorities' response and action

Contact IREC for support and join this active group. We organize campaigns, debates and protests. We need all hands on deck if we are to ensure our community stays healthy, safe and secure.