So-called animal lovers that keep animals in extremely poor conditions shelters have been exposed. 8 illegal shelters for stray dogs have been uncovered in Bucharest. Stray dogs kept there live in unfit conditions. They are in care of some NGOs that obviously use them simply as a fundraising pitch to dupe international donors. They fundraise sums between 3000 and 10000 eur/month. Some of these NGOs present themselves falsely as being endorsed or in collaboration with the City Hall. The national newspaper Jurnalul National shows exclusive images filmed on the premises of such an illegal shelter. Stray dogs are kept with no food, no water, no medical care and are left in own excrement for days. In some shelters, dogs are not vaccinated against rabies and they are not treated for parasitic infections. Worse, a lot of dogs are not spayed so they breed uncontrollably then they are abandoned on the streets of Bucharest. Watch the video:

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