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Who are we and what do we handle?

Association of Civic Responsibility initiative (IREC) was established in the wake of the tragic death of his child Ikonen, 4-year-old killed by stray dogs in Bucharest. Our Association has made pressure through street protests for changing the legislative framework for the management of stray dogs. Despite the aggressive opposition of extremist organizations engaged in fighting against euthanasia stray dogs, animated by financial interests being proven by numerous media inquiries, legislator voted on a bill that ultimately is not only constitutional and European, but also highly necessary for the protection of citizens. The law has been confirmed by the Constitutional Court and the President promulgated.

Long-term goal of the Association is to uphold IREC information campaigns and mobilizing citizens to protect their community from this stray dogs by notification services management and request for seizure of dogs from that area.

How we can help your problem stray dogs?

Specifically, in the issue of stray dogs we can help by:

  1. legal advice (including, but not limiting ourselves to the following):
    • complaints towards the mayors, police or health departments to ask for capturing dogs;
    • telephone discussions and face to face with public authorities in order to solve the problem of stray dogs in the city;
    • We explain in easy to understand words applicable law relating to stray dogs.
  2. filing in Court of institutions (generally, mayors) for non-application of the law on the management of stray dogs.
  3. psychological counseling free of charge (if you have been the victim of stray dogs);

Please contact us using the methods described on the CONTACT page.


Because we believe that it is very important that the support of the local community in solving the problem of stray dogs, IREC Association actions will always be directly proportional to the interest of the local community to this problem. In other words, the degree of involvement of the Association in solving IREC stray dogs in the city you will depend largely on the level of your interest in this issue.